KITASHIKOKU CRANE Co.Ltd SL-13000 CC-8800 AR-5500M SL-6000 Heavy lifting and transport operations of Japanese Corporation


Since 1967,KSC has been providing innovative solutions to complex lifting and transportation challenges faced by heavy industry and civil projects . Our team of engineers, project managers and craftsmen have a peerless reputation for innovation, safety, and successful application of technology to execute projects on time and as estimated.


Our Engineering Department has over 40 years combined experience in heavy lift and rigging solutions. By integrating experience and modern technology, KSC can handle any situation. Whether it's a general lift plan or a specialty rigging component needed, we have the tools to satisfy the jobs requirements. In addition, our staff doesn't just stop with AutoCAD engineered lift plans, we can also offer the client a full lift simulation ensuring the project will be as efficient and safe as possible.

Our People

We believe in the unique individual qualities of our colleagues, but even more in the power of the team. You can recognize KSC employees by their dedication, enterprising attitude, flexibility, and loyalty. People greatly enjoy working at KSC, because they share a passion for challenging, unusual work, in a unique and stimulating environment, where they work day in day out with the best in their field, in a culture that is informal, open, professional, geared to new technological developments, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.


As a leader in the industry, KSC has been recognized for setting the standard for safety excellence. This critical concern is demonstrated through KSC extensive programs developed for the safety of their employees, customers, sub-contractors, and the community.
Safety is of prime importance for every job task performed by KSC employees. To maintain successful achievements in safety control, KSC rely on the fundamental services of their in-house Safety Department.

KSC Safety Department responsibilities include

*Maintaining a safe work environment through the adherence of defined standards
*Participation in local refinery safety forums and steering committees
*Providing access to safety training sessions for KSC employees